""I looked at the photos you took at our show at Grahams and I have to say that every picture is AMAZING!!!! I can't tell you how impressed I am...you are very talented and the way you light the photos is incredible!!!"

-Kenny Ames (Still Sic)

"Greg did some live shots of my band and I at the gorgeous Iguana Grill. I loved the way his photos captured our mood and energy along with the color and atmosphere of the venue - just like a good song!"

-Julieann Banks (The Julieann Banks Band)

"Hey Tamara! I love your brother Greg's new photos!

Please thank him again for taking such AWESOME pictures of the band!"

-Yoshiko (Atomic Strawberry)

These pictures are awesome! You made us look great. Thanks for taking the time to

photograph our band. You rock!

-Suzee Brooks (Finger Pistol)

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